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My Personalized Services with My Time in Paris 

We think that your time in Paris is precious and deserves the best service. We can smooth and simplify your stay in Paris so that you can truly enjoy your Parisian time and not worry about a thing.

We have four categories of services: Practical Paris, Romantique Paris, Paris Visit, and Parisian Kids. You can select as many services as you want during your reservation process, or ask our agent from My Time in Paris at your arrival.

Paris Chauffeur

Practical Paris

Airport and train station Transfers
To facilitate your arrival and departure, My Time in Paris proposes a chauffeur, who speaks both English and French, to take you directly to and from your apartment. You can reserve during the booking process.

Prices :

Rate 1 : Sedan for 1-2 guests  /  Rate 2 : Mini van for 1-4 guests  /  Rate 3 : Mini van for 5-8 guests

  • CDG to apartment : 80€  -  95€  -  115€
  • Apartment to CDG : 60€  -  75€ - 95€
  • From & To CDG airport : 120€  -  150€  - 190€
  • ORLY to apartment : 70€  -  75€  -  95€
  • Apartment to ORLY : 50€  -  65€  -  75€
  • From & To ORLY airport : 100€  -  130€  - 150€
  • Beauvais to apartment : 160€  -  170€  - 200€
  • Apartment to Beauvais : 140€  - 150€  -  180€
  • From & To Beauvais airport :  280€  -  300€  -  360€


We also propose you these trips :

  • From or To Versailles : 70€ - 85€ - 100€
  • From or To Disney : 80€ - 90€ - 100€

We know how expensive it is to use foreign phones in France, which is why we have a solution for our guests:

  1. You can rent a french cell phone.
    Price: 30€ with unlimited calls & texts within France. (price is for 1 month maximum & cannot be used internationally)

You can add these services during the reservation, or contact us directly at least a week before your arrival.

Electrical Adapter
Plugs are different in France compared to other places of the world, and we know how important your electrical devices are!
You can buy an all-in-one electrical adapter during your reservation. You will find it in the apartment upon your arrival, ready to help you recharge your battery.
Price: €15

Paris Flower Service

Romantique Paris

Beautiful Flowers
Because a romantic stay is always best with flowers, order them during the reservation process. They will be waiting in the apartment upon your arrival for a nice surprise.
Price: €40

Celebrate the first evening in your Parisian Apartment with coupes de Champagne. You can buy a bottle of Champagne during the booking process.
Price: €40

French Chef
Reserve your own French chef for one romantic diner. He will come to the apartment and cook you a typical French meal. Then, enjoy the great food and French ambiance.
Price: contact us or ask your My Time in Paris agent at your arrival

Paris Metro Sign

Paris Visit

Metro Day Pass
Travelling in metro is the easiest way to visit Paris. You can buy a weekly metro pass (RATP) and start visiting Paris as soon as you wish.
Price: from €15 (one day zone 1-3) to €72 (5 days zone 1-5) per person

Museum Day Pass
This pass gives you unlimited access to 60 museums in Paris, such as Arc de Triomphe, le Louvre, etc. (Does not include the Eiffel Tower and Chateau de Versailles). Be ready to visit as soon as you arrive!
Price: from €45 (2 days access)   €60 (4 days access)   €75 (6 days access)

Paris Babysittiing Service

Parisian Kids

Save on luggage fees and facilitate your travels with the following services.   

Baby Crib
You can rent a Baby crib for your child, who is between 6 months old and 3 years old, for the length of your stay.
Price: €40

Baby Stroller
To facilitate your visit of Paris, you can rent a stroller for as many days as you wish. Only for kids that are 6 months old and older, but weight less than 15 kg (33 lbs).
Price: €40

Baby Sitter
You have no reason for not celebrating a romantic diner in Paris. You can hire a babysitter for the evening that will take care of your children.
Price: Contact Us